Scott | Yukon

Sitting around after dinner and sharing tales of the day with your team is one of the perks of being an exploration geologist. For Scott, who has worked on field projects every summer since he graduated a decade ago, this is standard summer operating procedure. The camraderie within a field crew is so important, along with the opportunity to converse with the people he meets from all walks of life in the remote communities where he works.

Scott became interested in minerals and landscapes at a young age when he visited his grandfather who was a gemologist who lived within sight of the majestic Rocky Mountains.

While studying to become an exploration geologist at university, he worked each summer in the Yukon, collecting soil samples, mapping and logging core on a project that has since become a mine under construction. Surprisingly, this is a rare experience for an exploration geologist, as not many projects make it to the mining stage.

“It’s pretty cool to see an exploration project you have worked on turn into a mine.”

Scott has also lived and worked in the West Australian desert as a geologist, in vastly different terrain to the mountainous, forested Yukon.

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