Sarah | Faro, Yukon

Student, field geologist, communicator

Sarah was a ‘dinosaur nerd’ as a kid and her parents remind her that she wanted to be a paleontologist in preschool. After taking an earth science course in late high school, she was well on her way to becoming a geologist. During university, she participated in a co-op program, trying out different geologist roles, including science outreach for kids and gravel management for the BC Ministry of Transport. As a newly-graduated geologist, Sarah feels a responsibility to learn as much as she can about sustainable, responsible mining. She knows that in addition to her core tasks as a geotechnician, including traversing mountain passes, collecting samples and recording observations, she must act as an ambassador for the mining industry in the communities she is lucky enough to visit as part of her work. She says the view from the helicopter never gets old, and knows that sustainable mining is the only way forward.

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