The visual storyteller

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“I am a strategic storyteller; a creative strategist with a curiosity and enthusiasm for people. I am fueled by translating people’s messages into compelling stories through digital communications and visual arts. 

I was lucky enough to grow up in the mineral exploration industry, surrounded by rocks plucked from the remote places of BC and the Yukon and being regaled with the epic geological history of every highway outcrop. Despite a lifetime of resistance to my dad’s rock nerdism, I found myself spending multiple summers in mineral exploration camps, working up from trekking up mountains, a pack full of dirt samples, to managing the camp logistics, and finally winding up in policy, events and communications for the Association for Mineral Exploration BC. I love this industry, my second family, and am thrilled to be using my creative skills to tell its story with MORE THAN Explorers.”


The written storyteller


“Over the past six years, I have had the privilege of interviewing hundreds of people who are involved in finding and extracting the minerals, metals and energy resources we need to sustain our modern lives. I’ve spoken with scientists who are cultivating tiny bacteria to help clean the water leaving a mine to engineers developing technologies to remotely operate seriously huge drilling and hauling equipment, kilometers below the ground. The science of exploration, mining, metallurgy and rehabilitation is fascinating to me, but so are the people. Not just the people working in the industry, but all the people and communities whose lives it touches. They are real and diverse and every one has a story worth telling. 

My role on the MORE THAN Explorers team to capture these stories and transform them into written content for a range of platforms, from social media posts to feature articles to podcasts more.”  


"It's like a documentary about the resources sector, delivered in bite-size pieces"

We are pair of communication professionals who have worked in the mineral exploration and mining industry for many years and seen the sector struggle to show its true colors. Within, the sector has made efforts to become socially and environmentally responsible and inclusive, welcoming a diverse mix of people. MORE THAN Explorers is a creative campaign designed to capture stories and images of the industry to help share these advances, but also to showcase the work in progress and hear the voice of people with concerns. We believe this transparency will accelerate the rate of change and increase acceptance of the industry.